Fate 2: Season Of The Lost Continues Bungie’s Recent Pivot


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Much like the first Destiny, Destiny 2 fell into a rut at launch. The video game released under the Activision helm as its publisher and while the team did include a more in-depth story as asked for from fans of the very first game, the endgame material and most immediate subsequent growths did little to connect with gamers. Between the debates of paywalls, convoluted narratives, and a grind that didn’t appear to be going anywhere, Destiny 2’s future started in a precarious place. Then Bungie separated from Activision and became its own studio once more and while unraveling impact on that scale requires time, we first saw the teams gain their footing with the Forsaken DLC (which was pre-separation, however marked a considerable turning point in how the storytelling progressed), and after that once again with Shadowkeep. Where Bungie really discovered its rhythm was with the Season of the Chosen and Splicer, weaving significant tales that surpass what we have actually seen prior to within the video game. Bungie checked out styles only briefly touched on in the past which decision continues to pay off.

During the recent Witch Queen showcase, Bungie confirmed that it has actually seen the positive responses from the neighborhood concerning the last 2 seasons which the group wishes to lean into that, avoiding the reliance on grimoires and making the story more readily available for all to delight in. Season of the Lost has actually only just begun, however it has currently shown promise for continuing on the powerful momentum gained with the previous 2 seasons.

Beyond this point contains spoilers for an essential scene in Season of the Lost, if you do not wish to be ruined

do not check out past this point.

If you’ve been following my protection through the last 2 seasons, then you understand I’ve been pretty adamant that I believed Osiris was who Savathun was masquerading as, a fact we found out throughout Season of the Splicer following Chosen heavily teasing her corruption throughout the City. I have actually also been convinced that the takeover took place following Osiris’ Ghost’s death, Sagira, so envision my elation and uneasiness when both theories ended up being real. What I loved about this verification, nevertheless, wasn’t that I was right, but how Bungie informed this particular story. Simply as with Chosen and Splicer, it’s clear that the various teams that work towards fulfilling the innovative vision of Fate 2 have actually discovered their cohesive stride, which circulation radiates throughout the narrative. It’s not practically the story any longer, it has to do with the tone and how it’s informed, which has seen a drastic pivot in the past year when exploring the intricacies of the human experience – even if we aren’t all human.

When Savathun detailed all of the methods she “assisted” the Guardian and the City against numerous hazards, with the most recent help versus the Vex and Lakshmi’s impact, she explained the moment when the Osiris we know became something else. Season of the Chosen explored Zavala’s grief and the effect it had on his life, his perception, and his relationship with those around him. Season of the Splicer explored Saint’s self-actualization and development as his own guy while Crow struggled to discover his location in this brand-new world. Season of the Lost started exploring the impact of Osiris’ sorrow after losing his closest good friend, his ghost Sagira. Sagira perished when she and Osiris began investigating the Cryptoliths at the hand of a High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. She passed away securing Osiris, a reality that he could not come to terms with.

In his sorrow and regret, Savathun found her “in.” Taking over the form of Osiris, the Osiris that we have actually grown closer to over the previous seasons, the Osiris that assisted Crow into discovering who he is following the death of Uldren Sov, is not Osiris at all. The enthusiast of Saint-14 is lost and we will require to find him through aiding Mara Sov in her mission to purge the Dreaming City of its curse and recuperate the tech witches that have actually also been lost throughout the game’s events. However it wasn’t just that she was able to secure him through his grief, it was the way she discussed his sorrow that genuinely made this arc hit house. Savathun is called the queen of lies, which means she has the power to form our perceptions and shake up all that we know to be true. With her garnering of the Light and production of Hive Guardians, her silver tongue has actually already started its impact in Season of the Lost, tampering with the tapestry of reality that we’ve believed up till this point. The recounting of her takeover to the Guardian well balanced empathy while flirting with a condescending tone, almost the method you ‘d speak with a child. It was that blade edge that made me feel for Osiris and harm for Saint, however it likewise made me stressed that another theory I had could perhaps see fruition: are we the bad men? Exist bad guys at all, or are we all simply drifting in a sea of grey?

We are only at the start of this season and our mission to help Mara Sov. With Mara’s remarks about Uldren’s death and his improvement into Crow and with the trepidation felt at the thought of conspiring with Savathun, this season is already shaping up to be a wild trip. I can’t wait to see what’s next, particularly with all of the new features on the horizon with Witch Queen’s arrival next year. If you missed the display, have a look at our recap here of all of the things we are the most fired up about.

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