The Callisto Protocol Has an Achievement for Seeing Every Single


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The Callisto Protocol features a lot of different ways to die – and will reward you for being punished with every single one.

During an interview with IGN Japan, developer Mark James revealed that there’s actually an achievement for seeing every single possible death the game has to offer.

“We’re working on our achievements and trophies at the moment, and we actually have an achievement in there for seeing all of the deaths,” he said. “You are gonna die in our game. A lot of people ask how long the game is, and it’s like, how many times are you going to die? Also, the variables are huge in the way they attack you or you attack them, so you might actually die more or less. Even things like backing into a fan, it’s a mistake and it will result in a death, you’ll have to do that section again.”

The Callisto Protocol is the upcoming survival horror game from Glen Schofield – co-creator of the Dead Space series. Much like its predecessor, The Callisto Protocol has become renowned for its inventive (and rather gory) ways to die, and a recent gameplay trailer gave us a glimpse of just how gory it can get.

“It’s become our signature now,” said James about the game’s numerous deaths. “We have a signature death at the end of every trailer. We want you to see death not as a punishment but as a time to learn about what you did wrong, and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek entertainment about how you die.”

There are plenty of gruesome creatures to encounter in The Callisto Protocol as prisoner Jacob Lee is thrust into the middle of an alien invasion, but it’s not just the monsters that’ll kill you.

“Each monster has its own way it kills you, and environmental hazards are hazards to you as well as to the enemy. In one of our trailers, he backed into a fan, and when you’re backing away from a monster you’ve got to be really careful because these hazards can kill you as much as the enemy in front of you.”

The Callisto Protocol – Gamescom 2022

How many different ways are there to die in The Callisto Protocol? Lots. But achievement hunters will have to work out exactly how many on their own.

“We’re not going to reveal the number of deaths at the moment,” said James. “But I think you’ll have to work hard to do it.”

Want to read more about The Callisto Protocol? Check out why the game is more than just Dead Space 4 and get a glimpse of the game in action in the new gameplay trailer.

Ryan Leston is an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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