Zagreus Nendoroid Announced on First Anniversary of Hades


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Good Smile Company took to Twitter to announce that a Zagreus Nendoroid is on the way. The announcement came on the first anniversary of the official release of Hades by Supergiant Games, which debuted on September 17, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Currently, only a promotional image is available. More information on the figure will be released soon.

Zagreus NendoroidZagreus Nendoroid

The roguelike dungeon-crawler follows Zagreus, the flame-footed prince of the Underworld, as he attempts to escape the realm and his overbearing father, the titular Hades. On his quest to reach Mount Olympus, he meets the numerous Olympians, each of which grants him a boon on each escape attempt.

Hades released via early access for PCs in December 2018 and sold over 700,000 copies during this two-year period. Within only three days of it’s official release, it sold an additional 300,000 copies, pushing it over the one million mark.

The title won 29 awards in it’s first year, and continues to earn numerous accolades for it’s gameplay, music, and narrative. In addition, in it the player can pet a three-headed dog.

Hades is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. A physical release for the Switch is also available. More information on the Zagreus Nendoroid is coming soon.

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