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Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery Review - Screenshot 1 of 7

< img src ="https://images.nintendolife.com/screenshots/123367/900x.jpg"alt="Behind The Frame: The Finest Surroundings Evaluation-Screenshot 1 of 7 “/ > Behind the Frame: The Finest Surroundings is the first video game from Taiwanese designer Silver Lining Studio. Launched on Steam and mobile in 2015, it has gathered its fair share of benefits and strong user evaluations. With its launch on console this month, it gets an extra epilogue to play through, providing a new slant on the original story.

Efficiently integrating animated interludes, 2D interactive scenes, and 360-degree watching of 3D spaces, the abundant, hand-drawn art explains a European town and the apartment-cum-studio of a young artist finishing off the last piece of a gallery submission. The original music and songs finish the mood upon pushing play on an old cassette gamer.

The gameplay is essentially escape-room-style, because you will explore a space and work out what to control to continue. Nevertheless, the puzzles are so light as to offer nearly no resistance to the flow, and the visual and audio discussion are so bountiful that there is never ever a feeling of milking an environment completely dry prior to being permitted to see something new.

The interaction design is clearly created with touch in mind. You will get pans to slide eggs onto plates, finish the artist’s paintings with your finger, and press buttons on the tape machine. While these seem like things you might achieve with a button-press, their brevity and clarity make them engaging. Turning the view in the 360-degree scenes is probably the only thing that possibly works partially much better with a thumbstick, but otherwise, this is a game that is a pleasure to play on the touchscreen and, sadly, a relative slog to play with a controller.

It’s certainly not unplayable or doing not have in entertainment worth when on the big screen, however we stuck strongly to portable play on an OLED touchscreen and that’s clearly the method to go. Which is a fact you may discover to be a little a sticking point. Behind the Frame has actually been available for 10 months on mobile devices, so you almost certainly own another device that can play it, simply with a different size and quality of screen. At the time of writing, you will pay about 3 times as much for the Change version as for mobile. Even the new epilogue included for the console release has been added totally free in an update to the original app.

Behind the Frame’s mobile roots reveal, and the Switch’s touchscreen enters into its own. The story didn’t precisely keep us guessing, however went to an interesting location. The graphical art and music are the stars, and the sub-2-hour playtime implies they stay fresh to the last. Putting the length and rate on one side so you can factor them in on your own, we actually rate the experience here as a piece of art worth getting into.

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