GoldenEye 007 Documentary ‘GoldenEra’ Snapped Up By Streaming Giant Cinedigm


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GoldenEraImage: Altitude Films

As we all wait for the re-release of GoldenEye 007 that may or may not happen (at this rate, we’ll probably believe it when we see that sweet icon on our Switch home screens), you might want to check out a pretty awesome documentary on the making of the N64 classic from production company Altitude Films.

It’s a solid feature length look at the creation and subsequent impact of GoldenEye 007 and we had a proper good time with it; you can read our full review for all the lowdown:

Read More: Movie Review: GoldenEra – A Celebratory Examination Of GoldenEye 007’s Creation And Impact

Now, it’s been announced that the documentary has been acquired by the streaming giant Cinedigm, as revealed by Collider. The company is home to multiple platforms, including ScreamBox, The Film Detective, and Cineverse.

Cinedigm will be releasing Goldenera on digital and on demand on August 23rd. We’re not certain on exactly which platform it’ll be heading for, but our best guess would be Docurama, Cinedigm’s dedicated platform for documentary movies and TV shows.

Chief Content Officer at Cinedigm Yolanda Macias provided the following short statement on the importance of a documentary like GoldenEra:

“Even two decades after its release, ‘GoldenEye’ still has a massive impact on modern-day gaming. There is so much for fans to love about this documentary. Whether you’re a fan of gaming, CONs, the ’90s or James Bond, this film encapsulates that era so precisely and it brings on a nostalgia factor.”

Right now, you can check out GoldenEra directly through Altitude Films.

Have you watched GoldenEra yet? Do you plan to do so? Reckon we’ll ever get that GoldenEye re-release? Let us know!

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