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Lila’s Sky Ark is a puzzle-adventure video game for the Nintendo Change. If you like your video gaming a little on the eccentric side, you’ll feel right at home. This little indie title consists of giant chickens and leaping lizards, ensuring an unusually enjoyable time.

You play the role of Lila, a young girl journeying through an unusual world. Her mission is to help the forest by checking out the surrounding locations, beating opponents, and bring back peace. She visits a huge round head called Doctor-Father-Sir (informed you it was odd) who entrusts our young heroine with this important objective.

Lila's Sky Ark - Nintendo Switch - screen 3

There’s not a whole lot of story on offer, though Lila fulfills numerous interactable characters along the method. Whether it’s a witch needing aid, a giant crow selling you chances and ends, or an oversized and untrusting monkey-like animal, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. A few of this works well, adding humor and genuine surprise; at other times it sways a little too far into the world of quirkiness.

Luckily, it’s also engaging enough to keep you playing. Most of your time is invested checking out, with puzzle mechanics obstructing your path. These are normally instinctive to solve, though getting stuck can be frustrating since no hints are readily available.

The game just supplies a few basic controls: walk, dash, pick up items, and toss objects. There’s no attack per se, although almost anything that’s picked up can be used as a weapon, from extra-large eggs to crates. A lot of the environment can be considered and broken, in some cases offering collectible coins for product purchases (you understand, from the huge crow). It’s always fun to break things, and this part feels a little like smashing containers in The Legend of Zelda.

Lila's Sky Ark - Nintendo Switch - screen 1

Another neat aspect is your life meter, which includes four petals on a flower. One petal is lost after each hit you take, which can be replenished by finding more petals. You likewise sport a helpful knapsack to hold products. You can keep nearly anything that you can raise– from barrels to smaller sized enemies– though it does have a capacity limitation.

The music is mesmerizing, with a neat background tune that alters depending upon the area. It’s usually an upbeat, synth-infused track that assists draw you into Lila’s world. It harmonizes the visual style of Lila’s Sky Ark, which is quickly its finest feature. The designers have crafted a dreamy world of pastel colors that gives the landscape a sense of jumping straight out of a kid’s imagination.

There’s about 5 hours worth of gameplay on offer, providing players enough to do for an afternoon. At $14.99, it’s okay worth. Nevertheless, choosing it up on sale might feel more rewarding. Mentioning which, it’s currently on sale in the eShop for $10.04.

Lila's Sky Ark - Nintendo Switch - screen 2

Overall, Lila’s Sky Ark is a video game that sets out to be different. Expedition is key, and it’s an interesting world to pass through, to state the least. The puzzles can be similarly challenging enough to tickle your brain as they are discouraging, however if you’re searching for something with a distinct and imaginative style, you’ll certainly find that here.

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