Slime Rancher 2 wrangles its way onto PC next month


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Slime Rancher 2 (opens in new tab), the sequel to Monomi Park’s 2017 hit about farming amorphous gelatinous blobs, will squelch onto PC in early access in September.

It’s a direct sequel to the original game, continuing the slime wrangling adventures of Beatrix LeBeau, and featuring a similar mixture of exploration, building, farming, and of course, collecting sparkling slime poo to sell for cash. But Slime Rancher 2 will move away from the first game’s setting of the Far Far Range, to a new location named Rainbow Island. It’s also significantly prettier than the original, which was pleasant enough visually, but had fairly basic environments.

Naturally, Rainbow Island will have a host of new slimes to collect, such as the rabbit-like cotton slime, or the somewhat sinister-looking angler slime. As with the first game, these slimes can be cross-bred to create new-types of slimes, which is presumably still done by feeding one slime’s, uh, leavings to another type of slime. Yummy! 

According to Slime Rancher 2’s Steam page (opens in new tab), the sequel’s early access version will launch with “a big world to explore, many different slimes to collect and combine, and an introduction to the game story and the mystery behind Rainbow Island.” Monomi Park also anticipate the game will remain in early access for “at least 18 months” specifying that “we have a lot of content planned for version 1.0 and are a no-crunch studio, so we will give development the time it needs”.

Slime Rancher 2 launches into early access on September 22, on both Steam and the Epic Games Story. If you’ve got a Game Pass subscription, it’s also available day one on Microsoft’s subscription service.

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