First Impressions: Stray Is Forming Up to Be a Supurrbly


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< img src=""alt=""> Subscribe to Press Square on YouTube We just recently got to see a remarkably big piece of Stray during a sneak peek event, and

it’s safe to state that this feline sim is shaping up really well. The demo that we experienced was being played live, and was divided throughout numerous different sections of the video game– all of which had something new to reveal. This was the most we’ve seen of Roaming by some distance up until this point, and to be absolutely honest, we can’t wait to take it for a spin ourselves. For those who might be absolutely out of the loop, Stray is a video game where you play as a cat. Not an anthropomorphic feline or a cartoony cat, however simply a typical, domesticated

cat. He’s a daring little ginger, stuck in a cyberpunk city that’s lived in by robotics. A fascinating premise right off the bat, with gameplay that revolves around … well, being a feline. Stray’s all about expedition, based upon what we’ve seen. It’s comprised of both linear and more open environments– the latter asking you to discover your own way through neon-lit streets and buildings. You’ll be trying to find ledges that can be jumped to, and small spaces or open windows that can be squeezed through. It all looks satisfyingly tactile, as your cat moves with all of the agility and precision that you ‘d anticipate from a reality moggie.Stray1Stray3

This isn’t what we ‘d call a platformer, however. While there does seem to be a great deal of running and leaping and considered navigation going on, Stray’s method to scaling walls and hopping across rooftops isn’t freeform. Button prompts inform you where you can and can’t go, so the obstacle is finding the dive, instead of in fact performing it.

But traversal is only one part of Stray’s equation. This demonstration made us understand that the video game’s rather huge on examination; discovering ideas and getting answers from the regional robots in order to continue your mission. We still do not really understand what the story of Stray is about, however in the demonstration, you’re trying to track down someone called Clementine.

Okay, we know what you may be thinking: how does a feline talk to robots? Well, this is where your reliable sidekick is available in. B-12 is a little drone who fits nicely into your feline’s knapsack. It pops out when you need to chat with citizens, equating their speech into a text box for easy reading. Okay, so how does a feline comprehend B-12? Er, we do not know, however he does. And to be clear, there’s no voice acting here– although your cat can meow on command with the push of a button. Lovely.

Slums Screen09pngScreenShot00071Stray 09Slums Screen09

Carrying on, maybe our biggest Roaming takeaway is that the environmental design is seriously outstanding. Even simply watching 720p gameplay on our laptop screen, it’s a real looker, and the setting just appears so detailed and intricately pieced together. It’s absolutely the kind of dense urban jungle that you’ll wish to comb through, appreciating the sights and soaking up the environment.

Oh, and Stray isn’t without action– but do not go anticipating your feline to get his claws out. As far as we know, there’s no fight, but we did see a section of the game where packs of small robotics chased our feline hero down an old waterway. There was a surprising sense of speed on show as the feline absolutely rocketed his way to flexibility, tearing past the ‘bots with all of the feline skill that you ‘d anticipate.

Stray shows a horrible great deal of promise, then, but the jury’s still out on things like the total plot, and the quality of its character composing– the type of stuff that can just be evaluated by playing through the full release. Once again, however, we can’t wait to sink our claws into this feline sim, and check out an odd world that appears so richly detailed.

Stray is set to release for PS5 and PS4 on the 19th July. It’s also pertaining to PS Plus Bonus on the exact same date.

Are you anticipating Wander off? Hone your own claws in the comments section listed below.

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