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In Sanctuary you play as Yu and Kay, a young couple who are not supposed to be together. While whatever in deep space is trying to tear them apart, they fight for the liberty to be in love.

Haven is a video game about the flexibility to enjoy whomever you desire, which’s why we’re particularly pleased to bring this free Couple update. You can now pick to play the game with the couple of fans you prefer: either a female and a male, 2 women, or two guys.

This upgrade will not alter the story arc for Sanctuary, you still play as Yu and Kay, however the video game offers more choices regarding the composition of the couple. Sanctuary can now represent love in a broader way.

Looking at the brand-new Yu and Kay, you will notice that Kay and Yu look extremely comparable throughout all playable variations. There are two factors for that: initially, they are the same characters in the story, they have the exact same personality, backstory, and life. And 2nd, for technical factors, we needed to keep the exact same body size, hairstyle, and body shape.

Originally, the concept for Haven featured 8 couples, with a diverse range of relationships. It ended up being clear throughout production that we wouldn’t be able to reach our initial vision for the full cast of characters, so we focused on 2 characters only. The choice was difficult to make, however it permitted us to craft a very unique and moving story about Yu and Kay.

However right after the game release, we started working on the Couple’s Update. The upgrade indicated hitting the quality bar that was established when we initially released Sanctuary, and to do that we created new 3D designs and redrew all of the characters’ 2D properties in the video game. The only thing that hasn’t been redone is the opening animation, prior to you select which versions of Kay and Yu to play as.

Our brand-new renditions of Kay and Yu are voiced by two fantastic stars: Lexie Ann Kendrick and Ryan Highley, enlivened the characters across all 80,000 lines of dialog in the game. We’ve also made certain the written dialog is ideal for each couple across the 8 languages Sanctuary is offered in, and lines with explicit or implicit gender references have actually been customized to properly reflect your chosen characters (if Yu states “Mister” to Kay … that doesn’t work with a woman any longer).

The story of Yu and Kay is that of 2 personalities, two lives tangled with each other, that players would come to know and fall for during the video game, and we’ve been asked sometimes “Will I be able to select the gender of my characters in Sanctuary?”. We’re very proud to be able to provide the lovers’ story in two new ways that more gamers can relate to.

We hope numerous new players will seem like meeting their preferred version of Yu and Kay! (and Oink) and enjoy the two lovers’ experiences on world Source.

Check the update in the video game, it’s offered totally free on PS4 and PS5 from today.

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