Back 4 Blood


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This video is a complete full game walkthrough of Back 4 Blood on PC including expansion Tunnels of Terror. This is an instructional video showing how to successfully complete each mission.

I created this video for my viewers who are looking for useful or entertaining videos. This video will be helpful for people who get stuck in their playthrough and they can’t find out how to get through a difficult or unclear moment. I hope that the strategies used in this video will be useful for success in your playthrough.

I read all comments, so write your suggestions and if you liked the video please remember to leave a like and subscribe. I appreciate it a lot!

Gamer Max Channel is a place where you can find unique videos like guides, walkthroughs at the highest difficulties/ranks or without taking damage, various evolutions, easter eggs and other compilations. I entertain and educate my viewers through my unique videos with high quality editing. My content take tremendous amounts of work and editing. All videos are straight to the point and can be used as professional video game guides. My own personal gameplay, editing and creative input added into each video. That why all videos adhere to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. I have spent thousands of hours practicing and mastering games before recording to ensure the highest quality gameplay possible.


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