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It’s never ever a dull day in the wilds of Fallout 76‘s post-nuclear Appalachia. Whether you take pleasure in constructing your custom homesteads, fighting it out with the region’s less-than-friendly homeowners or venturing into unknown territory, there’s something for everybody to look forward to in 2022!

Want a sneak peek at the year ahead for Fallout 76!.?. !? Take a look at our 2022 Roadmap, with something huge to get excited about each season– to include more Fallout Seasons!

Fallout 76 Road MapFallout 76 Road Map

Fend off an Extraterrestrial Invasion This Spring A threat from beyond the stars makes its way to Appalachia this spring with Invaders From Beyond. This upgrade consists of brand new Public Occasions and random encounters featuring an all-new opponent: killer aliens from deep space! Also coming are updates to Fallout Worlds, including the capability to make SCORE plus the release of Season 8: A Better Life Underground.

This Summertime, Enter the Arena

A new Public Occasions shows up in Appalachia! In Test Your Metal, gamers will gear up and fight in a fatal arena pitted against even deadlier robotics! Players can also anticipate updates to Fallout 1st scoreboard development, plus a new Season.

Expeditions: The Pitt Arrives This Fall

Leave the borders of Appalachia and make your way to post-nuclear Pittsburgh in Expeditions: The Pitt!.?. !! Make your method through brand new areas to explore, NPCs to communicate with, enemies to battle, quests to take on and tailor to loot. Additionally, players will also get to check out a new Season!

Close Out the Year with a Traveling Roadshow

Nuka World on Trip pertains to Fallout 76 this winter season, bringing with it a carnival celebrating Fallout’s iconic carbonated drink. Examine a brand-new Season alongside brand-new Public Occasions and even a new area boss to battle!

No matter if you’re a fresh-faced Vault Occupant or a veteran Appalachian resident, we can’t wait to see what you perform in your wasteland this year in Fallout 76. And for those of you itching to establish your first C.A.M.P., download Fallout 76 and begin playing today on console and cloud with Xbox Video game Pass!

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