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Check out FieldSense and all the other new Madden NFL 23 features during Free Play Weekend from September 8-11.

Celebrate NFL Kickoff during the Madden NFL 23 Free Play Weekend September 8-11! Start building your dream roster in Ultimate Team and upgrade your squad early with Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu Ultimate Kickoff Champion player items.

From the new FieldSense gameplay foundation to updates in Franchise and Ultimate Team, there’s something for every Madden NFL player.

What is FieldSense?

FieldSense is an all-new gameplay foundation that provides consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay by giving you more control at every position on the field. FieldSense affects every game mode in Madden NFL 23 and is only available on Xbox Series X|S.

Madden NFL 23 Screenshot

FieldSense is driven by new animations rooted in physics and animation-branching technology, to make gameplay genuine, diverse, and realistic. This excellent new gameplay foundation has four key components in Madden NFL 23: Hit Everything, Skill-Based Passing, 360° Cuts, and WR vs DB Battles.

Hit Everything breathes new life into defensive pursuit in Madden NFL 23 with new mechanics that let you disrupt more than ever on the defensive side of the ball. Perform mid-air knockouts, blow up blocks, hit the pile to assist teammates, and force more turnovers with skillful stand-up tackles.

With Skill-Based Passing, you can lead your receivers to open space, unleash back-shoulder throws where nobody expects them (except your receiver), and drop dimes in precise spots with surgical accuracy. Use a new accuracy reticle and passing meter to make your passes inch-perfect.

Madden NFL 23 Screenshot

No matter what position you are with the ball in your hand, new 360° Cuts provide freedom and fluidity for ball-carriers so they can do exactly what they need to do to get more yards. Hit gaps as you see them, plant-and-go, and dodge defenders to open up space and break highlight-reel plays.

With WR vs. DB Battles, this fresh set of new wide receiver release moves and defensive back counter press techniques can create entertaining and game-breaking 1-v-1 battles off the line. Utilize fancy footwork on both sides of the ball to make your biggest plays yet.

What’s new to Franchise?

Free Agency is a huge deal when building a team in the NFL, and Franchise mode shouldn’t be any different. In Madden NFL 23, new systems and features in Franchise bring our players closer to the excitement and strategy of one of the most nail-biting parts of any NFL general manager’s career.

Madden NFL 23 Screenshot

Players used to just sign up for a team in Franchise based on money. Now, every player has three specific Motivations regarding the type of team they want to sign for or trade to. These can range from location, coach prestige, team composition and more, and all players start with 3 Motivations that can change as the player progresses in his career.

Scouting Updates

Over 50 scouts have been added, bringing the total number of scouts to 260. Every position has at least one scout per tier with every expertise, so you can find the right scout for your team — now it’s your turn to make them an offer.

Ultimate Team Updates and New Features

  • Field Pass: All new to Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 23 is the Field Pass. This all-new system provides a clear path to progression and rewards, and you can earn everything just by playing the game — at no additional costs. There are three primary types of Field Passes: Season, Competitive, and Ultimate Team program-specific passes.
  • MUT Champions: MUT Champions is more convenient than ever, and games are available to play any day of the week with a reset every Monday. By moving up the levels of the Competitive Pass, you’ll be able to earn Entry Tokens. Entry Tokens also don’t expire and can be stored in your item binder to be used immediately or saved for later.
  • Sets 2.0: With the new simplified Sets, it now takes only three button presses to get everything where you need it to complete a Set. Sets will also be accessible from the Item Binder, so you can toggle over and instantly access Sets and Set rewards.

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