Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare Brings a New Operator


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Operation Vector Glare starts today in Rainbow 6 Siege, bringing something really surprising to distract Protectors and hide the Attackers’ strategies. Using their R.O.U. Projector System device, a new Attacker called Sens can deploy opaque, brilliantly colored walls of light in a variety of innovative methods to conceal their movements and gain a tactical edge over the Defenders. Sens is readily available now through the premium track of the Vector Glare Battle Pass and will be unlockable with Renown or R6 Credits in 2 weeks. Operation Vector Glare likewise provides a lot of totally free updates for all gamers to enjoy right away, as well as a method to unlock free Operators by having fun with your good friends. A new Team Deathmatch map, titled Close Quarters, puts you in an arena created for hectic encounters. As the very first map constructed solely for TDM, there

are no defense-focused locations (like unbiased sites), and the hallways and staircases are color-coded to help you quickly reorient yourself after respawning (the much better to pursue the player who bested you). There is likewise a brand-new shooting range that you can hop into with any Operator(even ones you haven’t opened yet)to check out their weapons and practice your objective prior to wielding them versus opponents. Also: a new implementation of the track record system coming later on this season is targeted at gamers who consistently and deliberately sustain the friendly fire charge, plus a 3rd secondary weapon slot is now available for some Operators to give them more loadout flexibility. Operation Vector Glare marks the launch of the Team Up Reactivation program, which rewards you with free Operators and more for bringing former players back into Rainbow Six Siege. If you have actually played Siege given that the

launch of Devil Veil, the very first season of Year 7, then you are qualified to earn as much as three complimentary Operators from Year 6(or comparable benefits if you have them currently)and an exotic weapon skin for the R4C assault rifle. All you need to do is hire approximately four players who haven’t played Siege in Year 7, squad up with them, play 5 PVP matches in any mode, and you’ll make one reward per player. The returning players will make benefits as well; at the end of the five matches, they’ll be granted an Operator from Year 4 or 5. Then, they can recruit more returning gamers, and make the benefits mentioned above. Now for a little more detail on the brand-new Assaulter, Sens: They come from Belgium and come equipped with either the 417 marksman rifle or the new POF-9 attack rifle as their primary weapon, and the SDP 9MM pistol or the Gonne-6 as their secondary weapon. They can likewise bring along a

tough breach charge or claymore as their secondary gizmos.< img width= "1920 "height ="1080"src="https://i0.wp.com/news.xbox.com/en-us/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/06/46866_R6S_CLOSER_QUARTER_MAP_SCREENSHOT_03_052322-ddc6767a02c6cc4394fe.jpg?resize=1920%2C1080&ssl=1"alt ="Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare"/ > But let’s discuss their primary device, the R.O.U Projector System. It’s a self-propelling wheel that, when tossed out, rolls along the ground dropping little projectors until it lacks juice. These projectors create overlapping walls of light along the path of the R.O.U. (which can also ricochet off walls to make zig-zagging lines). The result is a wall that Operators can walk through, shoot through, or toss things through, but one they can not see through. This provides chances for the Attackers to execute a sly defuser plant, pick up a downed colleague without being seen, or simply draw the Protectors attention far from where the genuine action is. And if Glaz and his HDS Flip Sight are on the field, the R.O.U. walls get a lot more dangerous.

However Glaz isn’t the only one geared up to translucent Sens’ light walls. Warden can utilize his Glimpse Smart Glasses to permeate the veil also, making him a strong counter for Sens. Protectors can try to stop the R.O.U. before it lays down projectors (with Jäger’s ADS or Wamai’s Mag-NET gizmos) or shut down the projectors themselves (with Mute’s Signal Jammers or an EMP burst from a bulletproof camera). Bulletproof cams and Maestro’s Evil Eyes can also translucent the walls, and impatient Protectors can utilize dynamites (like an effect grenade) to ruin the projectors. The walls will disappear after a short time also, so Defenders can bide their time if they want. But what will the Attackers be doing during that time? That’s up to you and your teammates to discover.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector GlareRainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare

Operation Vector Glare is here with an all-new Battle Pass and Challenges to complete, and Sens is bringing an entire new tactical dimension to the firefights of Rainbow 6 Siege. Log in now to see (or not see, as the case might be) what they can do.

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